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S01.2 - Quick Reference Spill Card - Container Storage Areas

8.5" x 14" Quick Reference Spill Card(S01.2) is uniquely designed to address common spill related issues in container storage areas.
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Each Spill Card is printed on a 8.5" x 14" surface and coated with a UV protective film that will inhibit fading caused by prolong exposure to direct sunlight. 

Print Options include:

  • Decal
  • Polystyrene .03 card stock
  • Magnetic backing
  • Aluminum Signs

Spill Card (S01.2) is designed to be posted in container storage areas and to be used as a quick reference tool by personnel that may be the first to witness a spill. 

Customization of all spill card products is available on request. 

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Spill card is printed on a vinyl decal type material with a strong adhesive backing.  Decals can be applied to most clean surfaces

$25.00 (USD)
Polystyrene (.03 inch thick) card stock

Polystyrene is a durable light weight product.  Excellent for those cards that will be maintained on the shop floor.

$30.00 (USD)
Aluminum Sign

Aluminum provides a rigged backing that can be securely mounted.

$60.00 (USD)
Magnetic Backing

Magnetic backing allows the quick reference spill card to be temporarily mounted on metalic surfaces such as doors and vehicles.

$35.00 (USD)
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